Dec 8, 2016

It's hurting me to see you hurt

This post either gonna be a short post,or a really long post. lets see bout it then.


I see you when i see you 
But now when i see you, 
i dont see you anymore.
As if youre not there
with me, unlike u used to be 

All of those promises
i guess it didnt work anymore
and they are right 
dont make promises when youre happy,
dont make decision when youre mad

For i had done both of it , 
and i;m drowning in it. 
chocked between my decision and my promises 

when i want it, my decision stopped me.
when i hate it, my promises demands on me 
i hate this
i hate it when i can do nothing 
i hate it when this hurt me 

and much worse 
its hurting me to see you hurt 
yet i can do nithing 
how silly of me keeping you in 
to make me happy while youre not.

how greedy i am keeping u by myside
while youre suffers
till its hurting you
and its hurting me to see you hurt

I'm sorry 

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