Jan 1, 2017

1st Jan '17

upgraded to 21.  still 16 at heart but 25 at mind. maybe.

2016 is like a roller coaster for me, lots of ups and down, been working like most of the days and have fewer days with friends. thats life, if you want to achieve something, u gotta sacrifice something, and i choose to sacrifice my studies and friends. 

If 2016 happen in one night, its going to be flooded cause i do cry a lot, literally a lot. crying for watching dramas, crying for missing mom, crying when reading quran, crying for work, crying for losing people, crying for novels, crying for sick animals, crying for dying people in those bombeb countries, crying for periodpain, crying for breaking other people's phone. happy crying over a chocolate. nonsence yet idiotic, yeah i know. 

It was 40:60  for my happiness to sadness. I enjoy most of things,but i dont.

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